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AMLUG - Ananda Margiis' Linux User Group
AL-AMLUG Live CD started 7th August 2003 by Markku (Rasatmakananda)

Current version
AL-AMLUG 0.5.1
  21 - July - 2004

Please make a small donation to cover the server/bandwidth costs or purchase a CD with AL-AMLUG for  AU$14 including postage internationally. Thankyou for your support. Hosted By:

Current version: Arch Linux pre-0.7 (AMLUG live CD 0.5.1)

Download (478MB):
            (ibiblio ftp):
          (archlinux ftp):
Contains: al-amlug-livecd-0.5.1.iso (590MB) - Md5sums: 6230e969ccc5cabbd8886e3b20676d6d

What's new in 0.5.1:

For i686 pc only (devfs / udev device system).

This live CD is a pre-installed Arch Linux ( pre-0.7) developed by AMLUG. Its a compressed image (zisofs) of the Arch Linux distribution maintaining AL's native lightweight and speed (though CD-ROM will slow it down). Everything run from CD; both Linux os and programs. This CD acts as workstation (office, internet and web development) and as a rescue CD for ailing machines. With 64MB or higher capacity Thumb Drive, it acts like a "PC" with customized user ID to save files and documents, to download mails and more.

Installers are included for an easy configure and setup. Hwd (hardware detect) provides information either automatically setup x-window and sound or configure manually including external devices. Net-install configures modem and network. Thumb Drive userID with "tdu-install". To install CD content (Arch Linux) on Hard Drive with "hd-install".

This CD includes KDE, KOffice, Scribus Desktop Publishing, Mozilla Web Browser & Email Client, Flash & Java Plugin, Quanta Web Development, K3b CD/DVD Burning, Apache, PHP, MySQL, CUPS printer daemon, XMMS Multinedia Player, MPlayer, and QTParted (a Partition Magic clone).


1. HD Installer ("hd-install") - copy CD content on Hard Drive.
2. Network & Modem Installer ("net-install"  - configure network and modem (Winmodem and HSP modem).
3. Thumb Drive UserID Installer ("tdu-install") - acts like a "PC" with customized userID to save files and documents, download mails and more.
4. AMLUG-Login - boot option for manual or auto x-window, sound and KDM start up.
5. HWD-2.3-1  - hardware detect for Arch Linux (devfs/udev).
    hwd project page:
6. AMLUG Toolkit - pre-installed icons for installers, phpMyAdmin, etc.

CD to HD, Network & Modem, and Thumb Drive UserID Installers:

Package List:

Aim of this CD is to......

(1) act as a workstation for persons using temporary computers (when traveling, working in the field or don't own a computer) to access mail and to work with documents and accounts. Data (e-mails, documents, etc.) are stored on floppy disk or Thumb Drive (USB memory stick).

(2) introduce Arch Linux.

Those who are not familiar with the purpose of "live CD" it's a GNU/Linux distribution that boot runs completely from CD. It includes recent Linux software and desktop environment, with programs for office, internet, multimedia and graphics. All are quality open source programs. AL-AMLUG Live CD selection of software aims to include one software of each category (word processor, browser, database, etc.). Here below one snapshots of K3b and KWord.


1. Download al-amlug-livecd-0.5.1.iso.tar.bz2

# tar xvjpf al-amlug-livecd-0.5.1.iso.tar.bz2
# cd livecd-0.5.1

2. Burn al-amlug-livecd-0.5.1.iso
3. Boot computer with the CD.



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Contact Markku (Rasatmakananda):

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