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  AL-AMLUG Live CD 0.5.1
Posted by: co-webmaster on Thursday, July 22, 2004 - 12:32 AM GMT
News & Information AL-AMLUG 0.5.1

Last minutes changes adding Arch Linux's latest developments, caused some delay in this new AL-AMLUG Live CD release. XFree86 changed to Xorg and a new device system was added. The users have now an option to run either Devfs (e.g /dev/discs/disc0/part1) or Udev (eg. /dev/hda1). Also chose kernel 2.6.6 with devfs or udev, or kernel 2.4.24 with devfs. Arch Linux's latest packages (check package list) and an improved Hwd (hardware detect).

AL-AMLUG Live CD home and download page:

What's new.... click "Read more".

Pre-release snapshot of Arch Linux 0.7 with latest packages.
Package list:

XFree86 moves to Extra, XOrg enters Current.
The subject says it all... I've moved the XFree86 package to the Extra repository, and the XOrg package now exists in Current (formerly known as "x" in Testing).
Both X servers should run all X apps fine, so you can still pick your favorite.

Arch + Udev.
As of initscripts 0.7, Arch now has official Udev support. If you are using kernel 2.6.x and you want to switch to Udev....

Improved Hwd.

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AL-AMLUG Live CD 0.5.1


AL-AMLUG Live CD 0.5.1 | Login/Create an account | 3 Comments
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Re: AL-AMLUG Live CD 0.5.1 (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Aug 08, 2004 - 08:42 PM
I just wanted thank you so very much for an up to date distro with all that I wanted. Keep up the good work. You are providing a great (awsome) service to ArchLinux. The seamless intergration of udev and the latest kernel, awsome. Easest install a hard drive yet. I solely use fluxbox and it was not hard at all using pacman to remove stuff I did not need and install what I wanted. Again thats for including udev, it is so much better than devfs.

Thanks so very much.

Walt N.

Re: AL-AMLUG Live CD 0.5.1 (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Aug 30, 2004 - 06:56 AM
I think that arch can be the best distro for main use.
Arch is fast, stable, a lot of packages, pacman, less complicated structure.but because the developers are mostly loved after "cli" nature, amlug live cd can be that dream desktoplinux.

- add a graphical installer (like the simple installer of Mepis, just 4 steps)
- add gui for pacman.
- an intuitive control panel (maybe Mission Control found in
- Add Openoffice

Then u have made a killer distro (u have also hdw) and a distro that archlinux users will comment everyday.

I posted this comment cause i have tried you livecd and felt this potential for us "normal" users who want to use linux for accomplishing our work on computer and not learning only Linux commands.


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